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Prepare to feel better than you ever imagined, heal your body, recover from stress, find joy in movement.  

Your body, mind, and soul will thank you.



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New to Yoga, Pilates or Studio classes? No problem. We love beginners.
Been practicing for years? You're welcome here too.


Your body will thank you.

Schedule in your hour of calm per week. Recharge, stretch, restore and focus your mind and free your body. 



Learn to dance in a professional studio, on a safe sprung floor and with best teachers! 

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Be natural. Be You.

Undone Beauty is located on the 1st floor of Chapel House and offers facials and formulas that are clean, unfussy and most importantly deliver results. 


We want you to feel amazing.

We want to HELP you Lift your mood, feel freedom in your body, recover from injury, carve out time for yourself. We want to help YOU transform your life, reduce stress & live pain free so you can pursue your passions and feel at ease in yourself.   We want you to FEEL beautiful and cared for. We want you create the lifestyle you want and WE want and be YOUR vehicle for change. As you witness your body developing strength, we want you to believe in your own potential.


Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

- Joseph Pilates

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Feel strong in your body.

It doesn’t matter what level you are at currently - every step is progress. 

Come and try a class! 


The mind and body are not separate. What affects one, affects the other.

Therapy & Treatments