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Whether you are looking to rehabilitate from injury, are super fit and want to be challenged, or anywhere in between, our experience, attention to detail and highly specialised equipment, will support you to be your very Pilates best!

The Pilates Studio provides the opportunity to work with specialised machines that facilitate and build upon the original Joseph Pilates Mat exercises.

Together with our busy studio and our mat classes (run by our sister company at Pilates South West we currently see 200+ clients a week.


We offer different class settings in which to experience the full range of benefits from Studio Pilates:



Reformer Pilates is done using a large piece of equipment, called a Pilates Reformer. With its straps, springs and gears, a Pilates Reformer is capable of both challenging you (that’s a promise!) or assisting you depending on your individual needs. The highly adaptable nature of the Reformer, means that it can be set it up to suit your specific needs, meaning all the work you do on it, will be highly effective. If you are familiar with Pilates in a matwork setting, you are going to love working on a Pilates Reformer!
We have 4 reformers in our studio in Totnes. They are all slightly different, so you will be able to familiarise yourself with all four over time.

Who are they for?
Reformer classes are suitable if you have no significant health issues (this piece of equipment is great for all, but it may be that you need to use it in in a different setting than a group class).

Pre-Requirements (one of the following):
Beginners Reformer Course/
One to one sessions (number of sessions would depend on previous experience)

How much are they? 
Reformer Classes - maximum 4 per class - are run weekly in 10 week terms - £150 payable in advance. 



This is always a popular option in Pilates Studios across the world. The opportunity to work with a programme especially designed for you. Lots of one to one expert assistance, without the cost of a one to one session!

What is it? You will have a personalised programme designed (please see pre-requirements) for you. Once you have this you will be able to join a Studio Club Class. During your class time, you will work through your programme of exercises, under close supervision from your teacher.  With a maximum of 4 clients per class there is lots of scope for you to work on an individual basis, recognising the fact that your body changes from day to day; and your programme can be adapted during any session to reflect how you are feeling at that time. Classes are 55 minutes long.

Who is it for?  Everyone! 

How much is it?
he studio classes are run over the course of the year, in 10 week terms. Each 10 week course is £150.

It is necessary to do two, one to one sessions prior to joining a Studio Club Class. This will provide you with an introduction, a personalised programme of exercises and familiarity with these exercises.



The very nature of Pilates, and especially Studio work, is that it works best with as much teacher input as possible, this therefore makes this the ideal way to work.

What is it?
We will talk about your relevant health details and goals and work accordingly with all the equipment that a fully equipped studio has to offer. Each session will be different, and working in such a personalised way, will realise very great benefits to you. 

Who is it for? Suitable for all!

How much is it? 
55 minute session £40  /  25 minute session £25


Special Population Groups

 (e.g. bone health, healthy backs, PREGNANCY)

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To book or to enquire please contact Annita directly:

07773 645 748      


Bookings for any of the above courses or one-to-one sessions can be done from our website: 

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Pilates Equipment Studio Timetable from Summer 2019



8.40 am Studio Club (Jill)
9.40 am Studio Club (Jill)
10.40 am Studio Club (Jill)
11.40 am Studio Club (Jill)

4.55pm Studio Club (Jill)

6.00 pm Reformer for Improvers (Jill)

7.00pm Reformer for Beginners (Jill)


9.00 am Studio Club (Annita)

10.00a, Studio Club (Annita)

11.00 am Reformer for Improvers (Annita)
12.00 pm Reformer for Advanced (Annita)
1.15 pm Studio Club (Emma)
6.15 pm Reformer for Advanced(Annita)


9.00am Studio Club (Annita)
10.00 am Studio Club (Annita)
11.00am Studio Club (Annita)

12.00noon Studio Club (Annita)

1.15 pm Studio Club (Jill)

9.00 am Studio Club (Jill)
10.00 am Studio Club (Jill)

11.00am Studio Club (Jill)
1.15 pm Reformer for Improvers (Jill)
8.30 am Studuio Club (Annita)
9.30 am Studio Club (Annita)
10.30 am Studio Club (Annita)
11.30am Studio Club (Annita)


9.00 am Reformer for Improvers (Emma) 
10.00 am Reformer for Improvers (Emma)


One to one sessions are available everyday please contact Annita directly to book and to find out more info.