What is it? 
An 8-week Mindfulness for Health & Well-being course.
This weekly course of two-hours provides an in-depth exploration of mindfulness skills and techniques within a tried and tested framework recognised by the UK's National Institute of Clinical Excellence. The course is a synthesis of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and is led by our team of qualified and highly experienced Mindfulness Teachers.
Suitable for those new to mindfulness, as well as those wishing to refresh and practice their skills. 
Although mindfulness can be helpful in managing depression and anxiety,  this course is not recommended for people who are currently experiencing an episode of clinically diagnosed anxiety, depression or other psychiatric illness. We do not offer mindfulness as a ‘clinical intervention',  but rather as an aid to everyday health, wellbeing and helping prevent relapse. We also request that people do not attend the group under the influence of alcohol or drugs (except prescribed medication).

An understanding and recognition of our tendency to live much of life on autopilot and the skills and techniques to help us become more fully present
·         Mindfulness practices and skills to help manage stress and enhance wellbeing in your daily life
·         An increased ability to relax and cope with difficult and stressful situations
·         An ability to be steadier with whatever is happening without resisting it or judging it as good or bad
·         Self-compassion and being kinder to all aspects of yourself
·         Lessons on how to applying mindfulness to your daily life by
·         A workbook with accompanying CD containing audio files of guided meditations
·         The course is suitable for most adults aged 18 and above who want to learn mindfulness as an aid to everyday health and well-being.

You will be taught by experienced and qualified teachers in a group of no more than 15. The focus of the course is experiential rather than theoretical with practices to do in your home time.  At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance providing you have attended a minimum of 6 sessions.

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Level of commitment:
 Mindfulness is a practical skill and a habit, rather than a theory or body of knowledge. Before signing up for the course it is important to recognise that getting real lasting benefit requires the commitment of regular time and effort. It is similar to getting physically fit – you need to practice regularly to train your ‘mental muscle’.  To get the most from the course we recommend you attend all 8 sessions and carry out the suggested home practice, which is a gentle but regular daily discipline of various meditation and awareness practices, with the help of guidance from a cd.  We recommending trying to set aside 40 minutes a day, which can be spread around your schedule. You will receive plenty of support for this, including how to fit it into your life.  It may seem a stretch at first, but once the habit starts to be established, most people find it invaluable and highly motivating.

What do I wear?
Loose, comfortable clothing

How much?

What do I wear?
Loose, comfortable clothing


Friday mornings 10.30am  - 12.30pm. Please contact to find out when the next course starts. 

 How do I book? 
online www.sharphamtrust.org  or over the phone by calling Louisa Potter, Programme Administrator on 01803 732542 (weekdays 9-3.30pm)