Hypnobirthing Classes - 


What is it?

 You can attend them before or after your course or independently.
The key to success in hypnobirthing is the time that you spend on practising the techniques and the information that you have to make informed choices.
The aim of the classes is to create a bubble of well-being where you will be able to discuss and get over your fears, to empower yourself and create trust in your body, which is perfectly designed to give birth to your baby.
The classes are dynamic and balance perfectly theory and techniques.
The classes are systematically prepared following a holistic and educational approach about some interesting subjects such as birth and mechanism of labour, how the placenta works, or why bonding is so important.
There are 10 sessions given within a time line, meaning that you are more than welcome to catch up a missed lesson the next time it will be given. It is your choice how many classes you want to join.

The classes are made for the mums to be who would like to extend their knowledge about pregnancy and the process of giving birth while practising the bases of hypnobirthing in a friendly and relaxed environment.



hypnobirthing courses

 What is it?

This theoretical and practical course will teach you and your birth companion simple but specific deep relaxation, massage, useful visualisations and breathing techniques for a better birth and a smooth pregnancy. In addition, an in value and complete antenatal course is included, providing you with the most relevant information.
You will be equipped to navigate the turns of your pregnancy and birth in a way that means that you shall feel informed, confident, calm and empowered.

While the course is built around pregnancy at any stage, hypnobirthing values the contribution of the birth partner and gives them an invaluable role to play.
The birth partner is the supporting pillar of the mum-to-be during childbirth, the only who can provide continuity of care during that time. A well informed, positive and confident birth partner can make a huge difference during pregnancy and childbirth.
The right time to attend the happy mum hypnobirthing course or hypnobirthing classes will be when you think is the right time.

Hypnobirthing is an effective form of antenatal preparation, simple, practical and logical. Your body has provided you with an incredible system enabling you to give birth.
Hypnobirthing empowers you to use your natural abilities to ease the birth. Releasing fear, understanding the physiology of birth and gaining the confidence to make informed decisions, are three things fundamental to the success of hypnobirthing. Where the mind goes the body follows. When mind and body work in harmony, it is more likely to achieve the kind of birth that you wish.

Hypnobirthing Classes - The hypnobirthing classes are 1 hour per week, usually every Tuesday (term time) from 12.00am to 1.00pm

Please contact for workshop dates. 

How much?
Hypnobirthing Classes
£20 per class.
Hypnobirthing Course
£250 pounds per couple. 12 hours (6 hours on Saturday, 6 Hours on Sunday)

How do I book and what do I wear? 
Wear something comfortable. 
Please email: happymumhypnobirthing@hotmail.com
nd see website: